White lines

During the generation of photovoltaic modules, once in a while white lines show up on the outside of the phone, making the whole segment be corrupted. Some white lines are mechanical harm before cover, for example, white lines, for example, battery scratches, glass scratches, and glass wear. These lines are effectively perceivable by the unaided eye and can be found before the parts are covered, so it is simpler to avoid during the creation procedure Z Purlin Manufacturers. The other white line isn’t brought about by mechanical harm.

The type of lightning is regularly part and fanned toward the end, and there are no signs before overlay, which may be found after cover. Besides, after a group of EVA film is changed, the marvel never again happens, so sun based board makers for the most part accuse this issue for the creation nature of the EVA film industrial facility. So what is the purpose behind the presence of white lines on the outside of sun based photovoltaic modules? How to counteract it?

EVA film is an electrical cover that creates friction based electricity when scoured against any protector. The voltage of friction based electricity can arrive at an abnormal state, and in the wake of collecting somewhat, it will straightforwardly release the electric charge as an electric circular segment. The arrival of electricity produced via friction will promptly cause a short out in the EVA film, bringing about a moment high temperature, which is the reason for cross-connecting of EVA film.

The brutal response of the peroxide in the EVA film leaves follows in light of the fact that it might arrive at an exceptionally high temperature in an extremely little run, or the EVA pitch is separated by the charge, bringing about the breakdown of the link protection layer. Branches. It might be a fierce cross-connecting that happens in a little run, which may likewise be an immediate deterioration of the peroxide, which may likewise be a hint of breakdown of the EVA gum after it has been separated. In outline, this follow is evident on the blue or dark cell sheet after the segment covered EVA gum has dissolved to turn out to be completely straightforward. The undeniable element of this white line is that it is formed like lightning, has a fork, and shifts in size.

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