Federal Hawking local school cuts homework on a solar project

The Federal Hawking School is preparing to cut the functionality of the new solar installation, which will offset 70% of the school’s annual energy use of renewable energy. Students will “flip the switch” on the 700 kW solar system for the first time on July 11th at the Federal Hawking High School campus. Federal Hawking administrator George Wood will speak at the event.Steel Profile suppliers

Federal Hawking local school cuts homework on a solar project

“Solar and renewable energy are the future direction,” George Wood said. “However, from here to there will be large organizations and institutions, such as major school actions. Our region is a demonstration that other regions can do.”

Participants will be joined by former governor and clean energy advocate Ted Strickland and other local politicians. The incident occurred after the recent appointment of Michel Sun Greenfield, CEO of Third Sun Solar, to implement the Workforce Development Committee for the Governor.

The array was built and installed by a team of installers, Third Sun Solar. New resource solutions,z profile building financing and foundation renewable energy companies; and system owners and operators.

“Third Solar installed solar energy in more than 70 schools, but the project is very exciting because it is in our community,” said Jeff Greenfield, president and co-founder. “Although it is very attractive to the economic interests of the school, we believe that the benefits of our local economy, such as the increasing amount of solar work, are also very important.”

Several installers for the project are students at Federal-Hocking High School and Union Vocational School.

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