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Equipwell was established in Malaysia since 1993, we manufacture our own filter press system and we have sold over 1800 units in Asia country. Equipwell offers to service to our own products and also other press maker products. Equipwell was established in Malaysia since 1993, we manufacture our own filter press and we have sold over 1800 units in Asia country.

J-Press® Plate Shifters are engineered systems to provide efficient cake removal. Perfectly designed shifting mechanism eliminates manual labor completely. SmartLIFT lifting device for filter press maintenance Hydraulic lifting device for filter press maintenance. Company adhering to the tenet of “quality first, credit important, specification complete”, and is committed to developing into the largest scale and best qualiry manufacturing company. LANGDONG FILTER EQUIPMENT CO. LTD is a comprehensive company including develop, design, produce, sale and after-service. Equipwell maintain good after sales service to our customers at all time in Malaysia and overseas.

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The end of filtration phase is automated by flow meter which is located on filtrate discharge pipe. The flow meter indicates the minimum flow rate of filtrate which is strictly related to the end of a cycle, the opening of filter press and the discharging phase. A PLC controls the phases and cycle times for all the filter press functions including operation of the ancillary equipment. We offer our customers a full range of filter press equipment from small manual filter presses to filter presses with a filtration area of 1200 mét vuông. The filter presses are made from both top and side suspension.

As the sludge is processed, the pressure exerted gradually increases to produce a high dry value in the final cake. The processed cake is removed from the belt filter press by doctor blades. These filter presses are used for collection of clarified liquids from suspend matter and for collection of precipitate. The plates are slightly different from those Recess type. The plates are grooved and the plates and frames have holes at the top corner which size a tube when the press is closed.

Corner feed plates are incorporated into the filter press design.They are mainly responsible for after-sale filter press installation and commissioning.You can also choose from automatic, manual, and semi-automatic.Further, we are backed by highly skilled and motivated sales and marketing professionals who aggressively market our products in domestic and international markets and bring new clients to us.The four main components of a filter press include the frame, filter plates, manifold , and filter cloth, a key ingredient for optimizing filter press operations.We are Leading Filter press manufacturers in South India.

We supply cloths based on criteria you give us and based on sample processing we do in our lab. Should your process change, we recommend that your cloth type be evaluated for suitability. Being a long term player in ‘Seaming Machines’ manufacturing in India, I have seen few drastic changes after adopting tradeindia services from last many year’s.

Most of our filter presses are design as a standard unit and also to the customer’s need, we also offer new and used filter press. As a renewed group of sparkler filter manufacturer, Aryan Engineers have included a lot of special features in our products. These features in our product make them highly favourites of all our clients. Sparkler type filter is an enclosed device; hence there is no chance of evaporation, oxidation and leakage of the products to be filtered. Quality filtration is another unique feature of our sparkler type filter press.

Manufacturer of plate and belt filter presses for municipal biosolids sludge, water plant residuals, process and wastewater dewatering applications. Manual, semi-automated and fully automated plate press operations are available. Suitable for cake washing, air blowing, liquid separation, mixing, flocculation, gravity drainage and pressure filtration. Serves the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, HVAC, energy, dairy, chemical, manufacturing, semiconductor, mining, marine, food, beverage, transportation, waste treatment, oil and gas industries.

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