This pre-squeeze eliminates channeling (cracks and less well-formed areas of the cake)

and produces a uniform, homogeneous filter cake and optimum wash efficiency. All the plates, frames & stands are casted khung from heavy duty close grained castiron. Our team of sales advisors and engineers will advise you on the best solution for your filtration system and filter press needs.

A closer is required which can be manual or hydraulically operated. The closer containing a controlling a follower plate presses the plates together, creating a sealed unit. Device automatically shifts one plate at a time towards the sliding plate creating enough gap to enable filter cake to fall down by its down weight. Currently, Langdong filter press is already exported to America, France, Australia, Italy and 20 other countries and regions. Our company has always focused on research, development and innovation.

We are the fastest growing filter press manufacturer in India with latest manufacturing technology. In an automatic filter press, as the name implies, the whole process is automated. The precise design makes it easy to maintain with a long service life. Our mobile filter presses, which are equipped with or without feed pumps, hold a sludge volume of approx.

filter cloth factories

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We operate in a family-oriented environment with loyal employees who have been with us for several years. We are passionate about caring for the world’s water supply. A backer plate provides support to the tail plate so that it can be moved anywhere in the plate pack in order to isolate the chambers between the feed end and the tail plate.

Additionally, it is perfect for water purification within the printing and dyeing industry. Filson clay filter press is a dewatering equipment used in industrial applications. It is composed of filter plate, filter cloth, rack and other important parts, like pumps and cylinder. The machine consists of a larger plate and frame filter presses with mechanical plate shifters. Corner feed plates are incorporated into the filter press design.

Finally, the clean filtrate is collected and the filter cake can be released easily. Compositech designed and manufactured SernaTech belt press filters under a joint venture with Sernagiotto Italy from 1999 through 2002. All SernaTech belt press filters were manufactured at our Pearland facility. We currently service these belt filter press machines and we keep a ready stock of replacement parts for many makes and models of filters in our inventory. With our spare parts inventory, we are able to expedite belt press filter part orders for our customers.

We offer end-to-end solutions from Filter Media to Industry-Leading Equipment to Spare Parts & Accessories to On-Site and Remote Services. Whether for Your Filter Press operation or your Baghouse, you can count on Micronics’ deep industry and applications knowledge for the right engineered filtration solution to meet your needs. Through Micronics’ expert sales and service teams, we can install your filter press, provide training, and assist with preventative maintenance to ensure optimal performance and press up-time.

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